How to change the landlord’s appointed managing agent

Here is couple short points on how to get your landlord to change yo property management company.

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This post is going to focus on getting your landlord to change your managing agent.

Your landlord will appoint the managing agent for your development if your lease permits it. The lease will be a Two-Party Lease – The freeholder/landlord and the first leaseholder/property owner.

Options Available

This type of lease makes it more complex for leaseholders to change managing agents. The options available are:

  • Persuade the Freeholder/Landlord to change managing agents.

For this you will need to demonstrate that there are problems with the current managing agent. The type of problems that may exist are:

–  The managing agent is in breach of the landlord’s obligations under the terms of the lease relating to the management of the premises.

– The agent is in breach of the RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code or the ARHM code of practice for retirement leasehold blocks.

– The service charges are unreasonable.

– Other circumstances exist that justify changing managing agents.

You will need to demonstrate to the landlord that the issues exist. It is also worth gaining support from fellow property owners. If a residents association does not exist then consider setting one up.

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