Government to fund and speed up vital cladding replacement

Here is a quick insight into the goverment fund and vital cladding replacement speed up.

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Around £200 million will be made available to remove and replace unsafe cladding from around 170 privately owned high-rise buildings. The government will fully fund the replacement of unsafe aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding on high-rise private residential properties where building owners have failed to do so. New funding estimated at £200 million to ensure this work takes place urgently.

Prime Minister, Theresa May said:“It is of paramount importance that everybody is able to feel and be safe in their homes. That’s why we asked building owners in the private sector to take action and make sure appropriate safety measures were in place.And we’ve seen a number of private building owners doing the right thing and taking responsibility, but unfortunately too many are continuing to pass on the costs of removal and replacement to leaseholders. Today I can confirm we will now be fully funding the replacement of cladding on high-rise private residential buildings so residents can feel confident they are secure in their homes.”Read full article here –

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